Our mission is to make it dramatically easier for people to love how they look.

We’ve met many fashion designers who are intelligent, thoughtful, educated, enthusiastic about clothing, and more importantly, about you. Not one among them will try to impress you by saying “European cut”, “hand-sewn or bespoke”, without knowing what was meant by the term. They sell with pride and authority because they are experts in their field. I always advise my friends “If you want to be confident about your appearance, I suggest you seek out a pro.” Trouble is, this kind of expertise is on the endangered species list.

The major reason for this is, nobody cares about it. I once asked a store guy why the T-shirt on the mannequin is more than Rs.5,000, and he looks at me and says “they are Scotch and Soda”. Like that explained everything. There were absolutely no talks about fabric used, or workmanship, or anything besides the brand name.

The land of plenty has become, well, the land of plenty. Not only there are 7,000 brands to choose and 70,000 places to buy them (Online, Mobile App, Free Shipping, 70% off) but there are 700,000 articles, blogs and reviews about everything you might be looking for.

The best part is for every item, you will see someone saying wonderful and some saying it sucks. With so much information so readily available, you’d think you’d be informed, right?

But you just want some good fitting clothes, right? Here’s what you can do: you could go over to 2 million websites (or just go to amazon.com) and outfit yourself. Better yet talk to stylists at amazon for a “consultation” - though remember that you’re just a transaction there. Next time you go, they don’t remember a damn except what they CRM says.

Or look around a store and if the clothes on display looks like the kind of stuff you want, you can pick it up.

Or you can come to us. People who tell you why something costs that much, how to take care of that Polo Shirt, why the trouser you used to like don’t exactly work on you today, and what is “giza cotton” means on a shirt fabric.