You know how they say that guys are from Mars and women from Venus? If you treat your opposite sex as you treat your own, you are gonna get some very bad results. We hear some married folks saying, ‘Yea..’ 🙂

But, the world is still committing that very same fatal mistake – Treating men and women alike. For instance, women love buying clothes. Their wardrobe changes more frequently than Indian politicians change their stance. If they are sad, they do shopping. If they are happy, they do shopping. If they are just neutral, you guessed it, they do shopping. Buying new clothes and the process of going from one outlet to another is so pleasurable to their brains, that makes them unimaginably complicated for men to understand.

Men on the other hand are extremely simple. Their eyes can only see a few colors unlike a girl who can see hundred thousand shades of blue. Men like purposeful shopping. They walk into a store, pick three or four shirts, try one or two, pick, pay and go home. That’s it. When they are sad, they do other things. Thats pretty classy in their own sense, you know. You should learn to celebrate these differences between each other or life’s not gonna be fun.

But then, men, you must understand that your wardrobe kinda sucks and your girl is right in saying you need to buy more clothes, more frequently. We know thats never gonna happen expecting you to change. So, we got a plan!

How about you signup for one of our plans depending on what kinda clothes you wear and we’ll have our stylists (read — girls with super taste) pick some and send it to you periodically. Basically, you pay a fixed price each month and let us do all the shopping for you. If you don’t like something, we’ll take it back and send you another one that suits your taste. This way you’ll appear with new clothes each week and your girl would go, ‘ WOW! You are eternally hot, boy friend!’. You can secretly thank us later. Sweet eh? 😉

Oops, this is getting longer. So, without wasting anytime, do visit our store and choose a plan.

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