Stylish Trunk Heading To The Gym

Since the party season looks around the corner everybody needs to get a body that can be flaunted. You head to the gym and we make sure you still look stylish.

9 Gym Essentials That Every Guy Must have


Call us old fashion, but you don’t necessarily need a technical warm-up jacket to go to the gym. A classic hoodie will do the job. Also it can keep you warm when leaving the gym, cooling too quickly post workout can cause harm. And think of a hoodie like an invisibility cloak for your hiding your goodies. Something so versatile that you could reuse it.


A T-shirt so stylish that you could swap it from your gym bag to the party on the weekend.


Measuring your heart rate and keeping track of calories burnt is a lot easier when someone else is doing it for you. The fitness devices would help you make the best of your workout sessions, track your health progress and have fun at the same time. Let the tracker supercharge your gym sessions.


Your idea of a workout could be swimming or squatting your way to a sexy glute. Nothing can be more comfortable and extremely stylish than a nice mesh short at the gym! Such shorts fit perfectly in your routine.


Even though it looks like a small part of your clothing, it probably is the most important one. Choosing a light cool cotton socks which absorbs moisture, resists odour and shields your feet from blisters could be a challenge. Nothing fancy but ankle length or no-show socks of decent colours should do!


“There are two things you can never have too many of; good friends and good shoes”. Whether you are hitting the city streets or pounding the track or lifting some weights, you would need a comfortable shoe.


Tailored track pants are as important on men’s’ runways as they are in the weight room; something that fits well and is completely functional. There are days when you just don’t want to show off your legs. A shift in attitude towards traditional sports inspired pieces, combined with a new tapered leg and modern cut, has finally made them wearable for more than the workout sessions. Feel free to wear them for your (non-athletic) weekend adventures, as well, if they are chic enough to wear as part of an actual outfit.


Working out without music just isn’t the same! The truth is you will work-out better when you listen to the music that motivates you. Go for wireless waterproof earbuds which will stay put in your ears and provide superior sound quality from warm-up till shower time.


For all those who run that extra mile to stay fit, the perfect supplement will give you that edge. Multivitamins not only provide assurance that your nutritional bases are covered, but they can also be especially formulated for individual needs, be it an active man, an older man or just a man in general. Let us also be green by using everything organic!

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