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"Guys have really good fashion sense. They are just too lazy to prove it."

Yea, we know girls are often referred to as the only ones who know fashion. That’s just not true. If guys have the will, they can demonstrate their fashion sense too. Unfortunately though, guys are usually too busy to wake themselves to go wardrobe shopping. Even if they were totally jobless, they would still refuse to take shopping as seriously as girls. Scientists are only discovering now, why guys are so different from girls in matters of clothing.

The reason it appears, is embedded deep in our genome. Many thousand years ago, when food was scarce, guys were out, hunting wild beasts. They needed simple clothing or most usually, no clothing. They needed to run, jump, duck, swing, climb and do all sorts of monkey things that modern man can only achieve by tuning on to Nat Geo and imagine.

On the other hand, girls lived a different life. They lived in fear. They din’t know what predators were hanging around the cave and the risks of encountering one. So, they were distracting themselves with stuff which alleviates their fears, until their boy friends come back home. That gave rise to many interesting activities which in modern day took an art form called ‘Fashion’. ‘Fashion shows’ were first organized by a tribe, underground Machu Pichu, 50,000 years ago, roughly three years after homo sapiens dropped off a parachute from Jupiter.

Coming back to the present day, modern man is the worst mix of old and new. From old, he’s lost his appetite for jumping between trees and fighting wild beasts with bare hands. But, he’s retained his clothing requirement pretty much the same as from of old. Modern girl has lost a lot of fears of the cave life but she has retained her taste for fashion like the old.

This is fundamentally why guys don’t spend much time, money and effort in perfecting their wardrobe, while girls tend to hate that side of guys. It has been predicted that unless, someone interferes and helps guys to improve their wardrobe, guys will end up alone in a different planet in the future, where girls would refuse to go.

To prevent such a catastrophe, Tee20 was assembled by International Council For No Reason (ICFNR), to help modern guys build a kickass wardrobe with little to no effort.

This is too much talk already. But, do explore the FAQs section for more details about this international scheme to save humanity. When you are done reading this, choose a plan and we’ll send you some exotic clothing perfectly stitched and styled for you, EVERY WEEK!. Can you keep this a secret from your girl? Let her think your fashion sense and your wardrobe discipline has been magically rekindled somehow.

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